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Andreas Jung, on 2007-07-18:
I have an extension  profile that works with Plone 3.0 (basically
modifying =

portal_skins and portal_actions). For Plone 2.5 compatibility my=20
actions.xml and skins.xml need to be different because the XML structure
is =

different between. What is the best approach for maintaining XML files
for=20 both Plone 2.5 and Plone 3.0 in one profile (at least within the
same source tree)?

There might be some support for conditions in some of the xml files,
but I am not aware of any.

For portal_skins you can keep skins.xml (for Plone 3.0) and skins_2.5.xml
(for Plone 2.5) within the default profile. Since the meta_type for portal_skins differs between Plone 2.5 and Plone 3.0 GS seems to pick up the right one in both cases. Unfortunatly this is not the case for portal_actions where the meta_type is identical in both Plone versions and
at least the actions.xml (Plone 3.0) shadows actions_2.5.xml.


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