We've just been getting to the bottom of an issue where links to the top of the page (<a href="#top">) were taking users back to the parent page, rather than the top of the page they were on.

The culprit turned out to be the automatic inclusion of the "base" tag by zope. This seems to be triggered by the fact that aliases set the "hacked_path" request variable to true.

I couldn't find any information about the hacked_path variable, and what it was for - does anyone know what the consequence is of not setting it for an alias, or why it should be set?

Presumably inclusion of top links in a template called using aliases is a problem that others have solved - is there a good workaround? for the moment, we're just putting <base> in the template, as that disables the automatic tag, but i have no idea whether that will affect other browsers?

It doesn't seem that there's any way in zope to turn the automatic tag off...



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