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I've been on vacation I took my time answering.

Rob Miller, on 2007-09-06:
okay, here's where things get off track. in GenericSetup, there is no such thing (yet, perhaps) as an "upgrade profile". it's possible to define an extension profile and to USE it as part of an upgrade process (Plone has been doing this), but there's no special profile type that GS knows about.


upgrade steps are not meant to represent simple profile edits. for those, you'd just change the profile and up the profile version number, no need for an upgrade step at all.

How do you add a version number to a profile?  You can add a version
to an import step in import_steps.xml, but I do not see version info
in the zcml of a profile.

the profile version number goes into the metadata.xml file in the profile 

Or do you just mean the version.txt?  The quick installer uses that of
course.  GenericSetup does not use that anywhere as far as I see.

actually, as i coded it GS _does_ fail over to using the version.txt version number if there is no version explicitly specified in the metadata.xml file. i've since become convinced, however, that this should not be the default behaviour; you should have to explicitly specify if you want to use the product version as the profile version. i don't think anyone has actually changed this in the code, but i haven't been paying much attention recently.


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