Andreas Jung wrote at 2007-10-22 08:07 +0200:
>while recataloging a Plone 3.0.1 site I encounter sometimes the following
>error with _some_ ATDocument instances (while other ATDocument instances
>indexing properly)...known bug?
> ...
>007-10-22 01:04:46 ERROR Zope.ZCatalog Recataloging object at 
>/fml-migrated/fml failed
>Traceback (most recent call last):
> ....
>  File 
>line 296, in refreshCatalog
> ...
>  File 
>"/home/blohn/fml/parts/zope2/lib/python/Products/ZCatalog/", line 
>417, in recordify
>    if(attr is not MV and safe_callable(attr)): attr=attr()
>  File "/home/blohn/fml/parts/plone/CMFDynamicViewFTI/", 
>line 80, in __call__
>    return template(context, context.REQUEST)
>AttributeError: REQUEST

Your catalog "metadata table" accesses an attribute (maybe "view")
that calls for "browserdefault". This is a very strange entry
in a "metadata table" -- it should not be there.

Try to find out which entry in the "metadata table" causes this
behaviour and think whether you really need it....

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