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yuppie wrote:
Previously yuppie wrote:
Running the trunk unit tests triggers warnings like this one:
"UserWarning: Version for profile Products.GenericSetup:default taken from version.txt. This is deprecated behaviour: please specify the version in metadata.xml."
In most cases this deprecation warning is false alarm because the deprecated behavior is not really used. A note in CHANGES.txt might be more useful than this deprecation warning.

I've checked in changes which make this warning go away when running
tests, through a combination of 'warnings.fiterwarnings' and adding a
version to a metwadata.xml file.

Thanks! But unfortunately this isn't just a GenericSetup testing issue. The same warnings show up on Zope startup and in CMF tests:

The only way to get rid of these warnings is a) adding a metadata.xml file with specified version to *each* profile or b) removing the warnings completely.

Since metadata.xml files are not required I vote for b).



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