Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> The CMF 2.1 branch has seen enough fixes since CMF 2.1.0 to make a
> meaningful bugfix release. If there are no objections I would cut CMF
> 2.1.1-beta tomorrow (Friday 12/28) and a final a week later. I'm out of
> town from tomorrow night until 1/1, that's why I would have to do the
> beta either tomorrow or after 1/1.
> The CMF-2.1-branch is currently using the GS 1.3.2 tag, I propose to
> move that up to the tip of the GS 1.3 branch today, and then tagging GS
> 1.3.3 alongside CMF 2.1.1 final and pinning them together that way.



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