Previously yuppie wrote:
> Hi!
> Trying to polish the event handlers in CMFCatalogAware I changed their 
> behavior a bit. Thinking more about it, the changes seem to be bugfixes 
> that should go into the CMF 2.1 branch as well:
> 1.) CMF 2.0 did update the 'Owner' local role in manage_afterClone(). 
> This was done for any object. In CMF 2.1 this is limited to IContentish 
> objects - I guess by mistake.
> 2.) Updating the 'Owner' local role has to be done *before* the 
> notifyWorkflowCreated() and indexObject() calls.
> 3.) IObjectMovedEvent should use indexObject(), not reindexObject(). No 
> need to call notifyModified() as reindexObject() does.
> If there are no objections, I'll backport the changes to the 2.1 branch.



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