yuppie wrote:
Laurence Rowe wrote:
yuppie wrote:
and adapterizing workflow status and history: http://plone.org/products/roadmap/221


I just would prefer named adapters over multi-adapters. And deprecate getHistoryOf, setStatusOf and getStatusOf.

The problem with using named adapters is that it becomes necessary to make individual registrations for every workflow id. You could have all calling code fallback to general interface lookup, but this would make it pretty much impossible to deprecate getHistoryOf, setStatusOf and getStatusOf. Perhaps I've missed a better way of handling this?

Now I see why you didn't propose named adapters. But I'm still not happy with adapting (IContentish, basestring). Did you consider to add getId() to IWorkflowDefinition and to adapt (IContentish, IWorkflowDefinition)?

Then I don't see how you would register adapter for a specific (TTW or generic setup defined) workflow.

Perhaps a named adapter lookup falling back to a plain adapter lookup is the best solution?


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