Hey folks,

I'm wondering if is there any reason for registerDirectory (from
CMFCore.zcml.py) also requiring the 'name' argument when you inform
a value for the 'directory' argument:

def registerDirectory(_context, name, directory=None, recursive=False,
    """ Add a new directory to the registry.
    if directory is None:
        subdir = 'skins/%s' % str(name)
        filepath = path.join(_context.package.__path__[0], 'skins',
        subdir = str(directory[len(_context.package.__path__[0])+1:])
        filepath = str(directory)

>From this point and on, only the 'filepath' value is used.

I would say that you only need to specify one of them, but not both,
which seems to be easy to do with invariants.

Am I on the right track? :-)


Dorneles Treméa
X3ng Web Technology

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