Laurence Rowe a écrit :
> I have made the changes on a branch:
> This is branched from 2.1 so I could test with Plone. There is no test
> coverage for status or history yet. I'll add some if the approach meets
> with approval.
> Comments appreciated, specifically on:
> * I currently adapt based on (IContentish, IWorkflowDefinition) should
> this be made more general, i.e. (Interface, IWorkflowDefinition)? Does
> anyone workflow anything that is not IContentish?

If CMF is focused only on CMS features, you shouldn't have workflow on
something that is not a 'content'. Now, if you was involved in workflow
sprint in Naples, you should know that we want something more powerful
than a workflow focused on content:

> * Is depricating getStatusOf, setStatusOf, getHistoryOf desirable? I'm
> not sure it would serve any particular purpose.

I use these methods during export/import to/from oldier Plone version or
to/from another CMS. It allows more readable code than making low level
programmation to rebuild an history or to force a specific workflow state.

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