Say you have for example an actions.xml like this:

  <object name="portal_actions" meta_type="Plone Actions Tool">
      <object name="history" remove="True"/>

So you want to remove the history object.  When you run a GS extension
profile with this file twice, you get an AttributeError: at the
second run the importer cannot remove this object because it was
already removed.  Pretty lame.

Does anyone mind if I fix that so the importer just continues when the
to-be-removed object is already removed?  That would go like this on
GS trunk:

Index: utils.py
--- utils.py    (revision 84102)
+++ utils.py    (working copy)
@@ -587,7 +587,8 @@
             obj_id = str(child.getAttribute('name'))
             if child.hasAttribute('remove'):
-                parent._delObject(obj_id)
+                if obj_id in parent.objectIds():
+                    parent._delObject(obj_id)
             if obj_id not in parent.objectIds():

I have tests for this.

The current behaviour is not something that is actually *wanted* by
anyone, right?

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