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Wichert Akkerman wrote:
The improvements GenericSetup 1.4/trunk has over the 1.3 series are a
big part of Plone 3.1. With that moving towards it first alpha release this Friday it would be practical if there was a GenericSetup 1.4 beta
release by then as well. For what it's worth I have been using it in
several projects recently and it looks solid to me.

+1 to creating a beta (including making a 1.4 branch and a 1.4.0b1 tag).

There's a tarball/zipfile here:


and an egg here:


Please take a look at the egg, if that's what you will be using, and let me know if it's OK (contains all files, no extraneous files, etc) since I'm not very well versed in doing the whole egg thing.


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