I'm not sure if I'm going about this the right way but I'm struggling with using formlib to generate a group of forms / set of repeating elements in what is effectively a grid. I think that either I need to use a collection or a set of forms with different prefixes but I'm still struggling a bit with this.

I have a concert object type that takes place in several cities so the repeating element would be the city with the additional information such as date, address and price. Effectively I have two schemas and while I could, I suppose use two different objects (Concert & Location), it is important that for the application that the Location information for all venues can be edited at once: effectively a list of dictionaries with each key corresponding to a field. Is it possible to extend a schema like this? Alternatively, and I think this probably makes more sense: how to do I get the form to be extended repeatedly with the same interface but a different prefix?

Guidance much appreciated!

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