On May 15, 2008, at 10:31 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:

Tim Terlegård wrote:
I was wondering if it perhaps would make sense to move the
ActionSucceededEvent notification after the reindexing of the
workflow status has been done?
doActionFor(...) calls _invokeWithNotification(...) and the bottom
of that method looks like this:
def _invokeWithNotification(self, wfs, ob, action, func, args, kw):
        for w in wfs:
            w.notifySuccess(ob, action, res)
            notify(ActionSucceededEvent(ob, w, action, res))
        if reindex:
        return res
In an event handler I would like to use the catalog and search for published objects, but it's not possible because the catalog is updated after the event
handler is triggered.

That shouldn't matter, though - you get the object as part of the event, no need to search for it.

The grandparent of the object is doing a catalog search, so the object that
currently got a new workflow state isn't found.

The whole use case:

   - folderA
      - docB

I have an 'is_empty' index that is based on catalog searches. When folderA doesn't contain any published objects it's considered empty. When workflow is changed on object docB, going from visible to published, I need to reindex the object, and also the parent and the grandparent etc. So when the state change event handler for docB calls folderA.reindexObject(idxs=['is_empty']) it will not find docB because the catalog does not reflect the state change yet.

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