Previously Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> The code here does seem indeed to be wrong. There's two modes for GS 
> import handlers, one being with purge and one without. The code in 
> question does not support that correctly. It does work in some cases, as 
> the underlying registerUtility function first checks if the component 
> was already registered. It does so effectively by checking the newly 
> registered object and the one that is already registered for equality. 
> This check obviously fails in case of creating a new utility via a factory.

This is due to an underlying problem in the ZCA that hurts GenericSetup
in several places: it is impossible to determine if a factory or an object
was registered. Without knowing that information it is also impossible
to reliably do an export. Once that has been corrected in zope.component
GenericSetup can be adjusted.


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