now that I've had a couple of months practice with browser views in general and formlib in particular and also because I've got a particular itch to scratch I've started on a formlib version of folder_contents and I've now got a skeleton version of the form. Well, I've got the form at least!

What I've done so far:

* a view based on EditForm (haven't quite mastered redirects in PageForm) but not using setUpEditWidgets - I pass the field values in as 'data'. Fields are distinguished from each other using the prefix argument

   field = form.FormField(f, n, item.id) # using an interface
   self.form_fields += form.FormFields(field)

* turned the buttons into actions - probably the easiest part :-)

* generate fields (Boolean for the checkboxes)

* use a custom template to iterate through the folder items and call the appropriate widgets. Although this works it's a bit clumsy. This is the rather stripped-down HTML and I'm anticipating renaming on the form.

<form class="form" action="." method="post" enctype="multipart/form- data"
  tal:attributes="action request/ACTUAL_URL">
      <th>Last Modified</th>
  <tr tal:repeat="item context/contentValues">
<td tal:content="structure python: view.widgets['%s.select' %item.id]()">Checkbox</td> <td tal:content="structure python: view.widgets['%s.name' %item.id]()"></td>
    <td tal:content="item/ModificationDate"></td>
    <td tal:content="repeat/item/number"></td>
<div class="buttons">
<tal:loop tal:repeat="action view/actions"
   tal:replace="structure action/render" />

While I can probably tidy this up to use a method in the view I'm not convinced it's entirely the right way to do this. But it works!

I'll continue working - the actions themselves should be most straightforward on this but would appreciate any comments.

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