just noticed something a bit weird: got my own Folderish object that a minimally customised PortalFolder but it's important that it's in the catalog. Although PortalFolderBase already inherits from CMFCatalogAware I've had to explicitly inherit again from CMFCatalogAware in my class.

ie. I have the following hierarchy.

class PortalFolderBase(DynamicType, CMFCatalogAware, Folder):

    """Base class for portal folder.

class PortalFolder(OrderSupport, PortalFolderBase):

    """Implements portal content management, but not UI details.

class CatalogFolder(CMFCatalogAware, PortalFolder):

    """Folder that will appear in the catalog"""

I've just checked some of my other sites and folders are not catalogued. Is this a bug?

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