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Martin Aspeli wrote:
I see that Yuppie has been experimenting with add forms. From what I can tell, he's using a custom formlib base class and registering views as e.g. addFile.html. It also look as if he's registering that view as an action in portal_actions, in the 'folder' category.

That's correct. But I have to mention that not all parts of these changes have reached the same stage of maturation. Using 'folder' category Actions is a temporary hack to generate menu items for the new add forms. I'm glad you want to help to find a better solution.

Plone currently supports add forms for the IAdding (+) view in a somewhat ugly way (it looks to see if there's a view for IAdding with the same name as the 'factory' set in the FTI of an addable type, and if so, provides a link to it). IAdding can be a bit painful, so we're interested in supporting an approach based on simple views.


It's also worth noting that z3c.form (via plone.z3cform, which should be plain CMF compatible, though you may want a different default template) has support for such views in quite a generic way. The "CMF" version of that looks like this:


z3c.form is generally nicer to work with than formlib.

Maybe we should discuss this in a different thread. Here a short reply: My code for the AddForm would look quite different, especially for CMF trunk, but in general that's the way to go. Since z3c.form became the standard in the Zope 3 world I'd like to see Zope 2 and CMF moving in the same direction. Unfortunately using plone.z3cform is no option for CMF because it has a different license and repository. *If* Plone wants to donate that code to the Zope Foundation or someone writes something similar (maybe five.z3cform), I'd be happy to help with CMF integration.

In any case, I'd like to know why you went down the portal_actions route for rendering the add links. I'm not quite sure I like the idea of having this be persistent configuration, separate to the FTI, as the two would need to be kept in sync, and in sync with the view name registered in ZCML.

CMF makes a distinction between portal types and content types. Portal types are persistent wrappers around the non-persistent content types. You can define many different portal types based on one content type.

In CMF you add *portal type* instances, so the 'add' links should be persistent as well. The non-persistent add form has to take the portal type name as argument to create the correct portal type.

I'm not sure what the right solution is, but I guess extending the type info classes will be the best approach.

Also, why not try to use the Zope 3 menu concept? There's even a special "add menu" directive.

Moving away from persistent actions is not on my todo list. And as I tried to explain above, the current portal type concept depends on persistent actions.

I'd quite like to find a good approach here that can be used by both Plone and plain CMF, if possible.

I hope you find one ;)



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