Martin Aspeli wrote:
- 'url': requires a new type info property, I propose to use 'url_expr' to keep it in sync with normal Action objects

I wonder whether addview_url or something similar would be more appropriate, since "the url of a type" is somewhat ambiguous.

Ok. I changed that to 'add_view_expr'. The '_expr' suffix is used to implement special behavior for expressions.

So instead of adding separate 'add' actions we can extend the type info classes, making them implement IAction as well.

How about making them adaptable to IAction instead of directly implementing it? That sounds cleaner than trying to bend some of the old properties.

Don't think so. IAction just adds one method: getInfoData(). The names I mentioned are keys in the data structure returned by that method, not bent properties.

My changes are now checked in on the trunk. So far I didn't add a 'portal_type' variable to the expression context because I don't know an easy way to do that. The action machinery expects that all callable attributes of all actions take the same expression context as argument.



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