Maurits van Rees wrote:
Tres Seaver, on 2008-08-03:
I created "satellite" versions of the 2.1.1 eggs for the remaining CMF
products this morning:

 - CMFDefault

 - CMFTopic

 - CMFActionIcons

 - CMFCalendar

 - CMFUid

 - DCWorkflow

Source distributions for the 2.1.1 versions are now available on PyPI.

Great, thanks!

But I hit a problem when I try to make a checkout the CMFActionIcons tag:

$ svn co svn://
A    2.1.1/Products
A    2.1.1/Products/EXTERNALS.txt
A    2.1.1/Products/
A    2.1.1/
A    2.1.1/README.txt
 U   2.1.1

Fetching external item into '2.1.1/Products/CMFActionIcons'
Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic).
svn: Connection closed unexpectedly

This is because EXTERNALS.txt points to:

CMFActionIcons svn+ssh://

Should that not be changed to just svn instead of svn+ssh?

I *do* have an ssh account for, so a checkout of
svn+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/... works.  Am I missing some
trick so that svn+ssh:// works too, without having a
username in there?

Come to think of it, when my username on my laptop would have been
'mauritsvanrees' this checkout probably would have worked, so there is
probably an ssh config file somewhere that I can tweak.  Does anyone
know how to do that?

yes, b/c i just had to figure it out to check out the cmf-coredev buildout at you have to include something like this in your ~/.ssh/config file:


the "Host" directive means that all subsequent config options only apply to that host, at least until another Host directive is hit. wildcards are supported, so "Host *" will match all hosts.


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