Maurits van Rees wrote:
In CMFDefault there is the locales/cmf_default.pot file but no .po
files.  Also, there is no domain mentioned in that pot file - it
should be 'cmf_default', like at the bottom of utils.py.  And the
directory is not registered in zcml, though I guess that does not
matter since there are no po files.

Are any translations available anywhere that I have missed?

Not really.

There is one .po file attached here:

And I have an incomplete German .po file I could contribute.

Is there a wish to add po files for CMFDefault in a central place like
PloneTranslations where lots of people can contribute?

+1 if someone volunteers to 'own' that project

Maybe https://translations.launchpad.net/zope-cmf would be a good place?



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