Wichert Akkerman wrote at 2008-11-17 08:21 +0100:
> ...
>I'm sure CMF import/export steps are fine. The CMF tools are not, and
>third party products use those in their steps. That is exactly the
>problem we where seeing in Plone, and which is why I removed the utility

Zope is a Web application framework.
Obviously, the request is quite important for many tasks related
to Web processing.

Zope3 may have other, cleaner ways to access the request.
But Zope2 has just two ways -- explicit passing and request access
via the acquisition context.
Thus, why do local utilities registered by Five (i.e. these utilities are
for Zope2 use) do not provide access to the request in the normal
Zope2 way?

If they would, local utilities were much nearer to tools and
the transition would be facilitated.

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