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Martin Aspeli wrote:
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> Let's consider a type Alpha that has a custom add form registered as 
> such a (context, request, fti) adapter with name "Alpha". fti.factory is 
> "Alpha", and there's a corresponding IFactory utility (with name "Alpha").
> Now, let's say I want to create a new type Beta (e.g. by copying the FTI 
> object TTW), based on Alpha. I want this to use Alpha's add form, but 
> construct objects with portal_type Beta.
> Is this possible? If I set Beta's fti.factory to be something other than 
> "Alpha", then it won't find the add view, but if fti.factory is "Alpha" 
> then the objects constructed will use Alpha's factory.

You should be able to register the same add view twice. One registration 
for the name "Alpha" and one for the name "Beta".

> I can't quite decide whether this is a problem in real life or not, 
> although it does seem a bit strange that the add view adapter name and 
> the factory utility name have to be the same.
> Would it make sense to decouple these, e.g. with a new "add_view_name" 
> property?

If people really have that problem we can decouple this later. For now I 
can't see a need.



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