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yuppie wrote:
> Hi!
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> I would like to get a 1.5 release of GenericSetup out over the holidays.
>>  Here is what I have on the roadmap:
>>  - Clean up the sphinx docs for the package, incorporating / updating
>>    Rob Miller's excellent tutorial on GS (Rob has already blessed the
>>    notion).
> Great! But why didn't you remove handlers.txt and profiles.txt in 
> GenericSetup/doc? AFAICS they are now redundant and outdated.

I certainly plan to review all the docs:  ideally, we would have a
combination of explanatory, tutorial, and reference docs.

>>  - Make *much* clearer the idea that content export / import should
>>    not be treated as part of any "normal" profile, including adding
>>    some extra support for doing that task at the application level.
>>  - Tidy up any deprecations when running under Python 2.5 (and maybe
>>    even 2.6).
> +1
>> Anyone have other stuff they would like to see in the mix (and can help
>> land)?
> I recently started using UpgradeSteps and would like to improve the 
> "Upgrades" tab. Especially I'd like to implement useful behavior for 
> steps that have source/destination versions *and* a checker specified.
> Right now the versions are mostly ignored if a checker exist. I'd like 
> to evaluate the versions first and use the checker as an additional 
> restriction. Also, running a step with checker should not update the 
> current version of the profile.
> These changes would allow to split upgrades between versions into 
> several task centric steps. That gives users more control over the 
> upgrade process, doing upgrades step by step or skipping specific steps.
> If people agree that this doesn't require a proposal and discussion 
> first, I could try to implement this in time for your release.

Sounds OK to me:  note that I have never yet used UpgradeSteps myself.

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