Am 27.12.2008 um 20:03 schrieb Jens Vagelpohl:

> I always thought it was there to continually re-read the filesystem
> representation upon access, so any filesystem changes are reflected
> without restarting the instance. As to the usefulness, I'm not relying
> on it when I do development. I always restart.

If this is the case then it would be nice to have some way of  
preserving that behaviour. We have a few people working almost  
exclusively working with templates on Windows systems where restarts  
are particularly slow. However, PageTemplates are probably the only  
objects it's worth preserving this kind of behaviour for.

On another and only slightly related note: Tres, in September I seem  
to remember you saying that the biggest stumbling block for moving to  
Python 2.5 and beyond was support for RestrictedPython implements, ie.  
PythonScripts. If this is the case, do we need to add deprecating  
PythonScripts/untrusted code to the roadmap?

>> I also plan to make all the currently relative imports absolute,  
>> since
>> relative imports break under later versions of Python, and I am  
>> making
>> some of them more precise:  e.g.:
>> from AccessControl import ClassSecurityInfo
>> becomes:
>> from AccessControl.SecurityInfo import ClassSecurityInfo
> +1

I didn't realise this counts as a relative import but I'm all in  
favour of spelling things out.
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