yuppie wrote at 2009-1-19 22:54 +0100:
> ...
>Products.Five.browser.decode.setPageEncoding sets the response content 
>type charset based on zope.publisher.http.HTTPCharsets. And 
>setPageEncoding is called by the update method of formlib forms in Zope 
>2. So in this case the response encoding has something to do with the 
>"Accept-Charset" request header.

Wow. Some magic in "formlib" deviating from the Zope2 standard behaviour....

But, if this is true, we do not understand Charlie's observations:

  When I understood him right, he is using formlib and he is observing
  problems with the charsets.

  He found out that this has to do with IE browsers sending an
  empty "Accept-Charsets" header which is turned by Zope's
  "preferredCharset" into "iso-8859-1".

  But when the same charset is used on both form delivery and
  on form processing he should not see a problem with mismatched

Of course, "iso-8859-1" may not be approriate for form delivery --
and may result in funny special characters in non-western countries.

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