Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> I'll look at CMFCore and CMFDefault over the next few days (I'm  
>> traveling). Are there any code changes that you still need or is the  
>> current trunk state ready to be released from your point of view?
> I haven't looked into it in great detail, but from what I can tell, 
> these things are al stable. Yuppie would know best, though.

There are 2 issues I'd like to see resolved before a beta is released:

1.) look up add view actions in a different way

The current implementation is not flexible enough. There is no way to 
sort or group these actions.

This is on my todo list, but I still have to write a proposal.

2.) get rid of redundant type info properties

See http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2009-January/028059.html

Unfortunately nobody seems to feel responsible for this.

We also should decide when to switch from zope.formlib to z3c.form. I 
have no ambitions to maintain zope.formlib based code for a long time. 
If we make Zope 2.12 the required platform for CMF 2.2 we can easily add 
z3c.form to the dependencies and refactor existing forms. Or we could 
move the forms and other views to a separate package. That way 
CMFDefault would not depend on zope.formlib nor on z3c.form.



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