Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Currently GenericSetup trunk no longer runs on Zope 2.10. If I try to
> run the tests I get this:
>   File "/src/Products.GenericSetup/Products/GenericSetup/registry.py", line 
> 23, in ?
>     from App.class_init import InitializeClass
> ImportError: cannot import name InitializeClass
> I can see two solutions:
> - add a BBB import to import from Globals
> - from App.class_init import default__class_init__ as InitializeClass
> Does anyone have preferences?

Well. The third solution is making the next releases of Zope 2.10 and 
Zope 2.11 required for GenericSetup 1.5.

Importing directly from App.class_init exposed a circular import issue 
in Zope, see: 

I fixed that issue on Zope 2.10 and Zope 2.11 trunk and added 
InitializeClass as alias for default__class_init__.

If you really need to run GenericSetup on older versions I'd prefer your 
first solution (BBB import from Globals) because it makes sure modules 
are imported in the right order.



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