>>>>> Can anyone tell me if it is possible to register an adapter to


> This should work with plain CMF and be simple to hook into the catalogue 
> tool.

(For me) this is the root of the problem - it can only be hooked into 
the catalog by subclassing at the moment, there is no other mechanism to 
use different implementations.  If there was, then plone.indexer (or 
whatever) could be used directly.

Therefore, can I make a proposal (which I am happy to carry out), as I 
think this is a desirable change?

PROPOSAL: Use CA to look up the indexable object wrapper

PROBLEM: It is not possible to provide alternative implementations of 
the IndexableObjectWrapper class at the moment - this prevents 
customising the indexing process.

SOLUTION: Look up the IndexableObjectWrapper using the Component 
Architecture.  The catalog tool will look up a named utility that 
creates a wrapped object suitable for indexing.

The default implementation of the utility will return the object 
wrapped using the current IndexableObjectWrapper.

If required, Local Site configuration can be used to provide different 
implementations as needed.

BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: Any catalog implementation that used a 
different wrapper class would have to subclass the main catalog and 
override the relevant function, so will be unaffected by the change.

Any thoughts?


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