I've been working on improving commenting in Plone. I'm not 100% sure 
we'll stay with CMFDefault's idea of Discussion Items forever, but for 
now there are a couple of low-risk things that would make them a lot 
more useful.

  1) Fire an IObjectAddedEvent when a Discussion Item is created
  2) Fire an IObjectRemovedEvent when a Discussion Item deleted
  3) Do not hardcode the review_state of a Discuss Item. This allows 
discussion items to participate in workflow.

  4) Create discussion items based on an IFactory utility rather than 
hardcoding the class.

I've implemented 1-3, along with a simple review workflow and indexers 
that index the number of comments and the people who've commented on a 
content item (to make it easier to find items the current user has 
commented on, and to show the number of comments an item has received in 
a content listing), in a new Plone product, collective.discussionplus. 
There's a file of simple monkey patches to CMFDefault here:


Would it be useful to push this down into CMF itself? I can't promise I 
have time to do that (with tests) in the short term, but I'm happy to 
help anyone who wants to do it. I may find time later, of course.


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