yuppie wrote:
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Plone 3.3's IIndexableObjectWrapper implementation (in plone.indexer) 
>> has a method _getWrappedObject(), to return the object that was wrapped 
>> by the indexable object wrapper. It is (or rather, will be) used by 
>> TextIndexNG3, which needs to access the raw object during indexing.
> Why is there a need to access the raw object? The wrapper should provide 
> all the interfaces and attributes required for indexing.

TextIndexNG3 does some deeper inspection on the object. It basically 
needs to bypass some of the things that are ordinarily intercepted by 
the wrapper. Andreas Jung will have to give more detail, but it feels 
prudent to me to have some kind of API to get the wrapped object for 
cases like this in any case.

plone.indexer now has this (and we're rapidly approaching a stable 
release - rc2 just went today), so it's not crucial that it's in CMF, 
but it'd be nicer if it were.


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