Maurits van Rees wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder what the best way is of specifying the source number of a
> GenericSetup upgrade step.
<---SNIP a bunch of stuff about how using versions to mark GS upgrade steps is 

yes, as you discovered, using source and destination versions to mark when 
upgrade steps should be run can be a bit janky.  i realized this when i first 
ported the upgrade stuff over from CPS, but i wasn't quite sure how else to 
handle it.

thinking about it now, though, i'd say perhaps the zcml should support only 
including a "source" version, with the setup tool persisting the id of each 
upgrade step when it is run.  then the UI would show an upgrade step as 
needing to be run if a) the loaded profile version is greater than the source 
version specified in the ZCML and b) the id of the upgrade step is not yet 
stored in the setup tool's list of completed steps.

feel like fixing it?  ;)


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