Hey Folks,

I'm migrating a custom content type from Plone 2.0.5 to Plone 3.2 using 
manage_FTPget and Generic Setup following the help on 
http://reinout.vanrees.org/weblog/creating-content-with-genericsetup. I have a 
script that exports my data from 2.5 into files using  
manage_FTPget and I can import that data into 3.2 using portal_setup->Import.

In general, this process works great, but I have two attributes that are not 
migrating correctly; creator and modification_date; These fields end up with 
the id of the user performing the import and the time of the import.

In the output from manage_FTPget, I have data like

creators: user1
modification_date: 2006/07/21 14:01:52.647 GMT-7

There is no owner field in the output from manage_FTPget, but the user in 
creators is the data I want.

Does anyone know of a way to preserve this data?


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