Am 24.05.2009 um 12:46 schrieb Jens Vagelpohl:

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> I just fixed an issue that made it impossible to add content to a
> CMFBTreeFolder and noticed that the module CMFDefault.browser and the
> tests scattered therein are a real mess right now.
> Looking at the various folder modules (, and
> test files (folder.txt, folder_utest.txt, tests/, tests/
> folder_utest.txt) it is not clear to me what's used under what
> circumstances, and what's tested. Matter of fact, the doctest files
> inside browser/ are not used at all right now because the folder
> browser/tests clobbers the browser/ module.
> Is there a way this could be cleaned up before 2.2?

I'm responsible for part of the mess - I replicated the doctests for  
new_folder and then set up unit tests to replace to doctests for  
consistency with other modules and for completion. The mess will be  
cleared up for 2.2 when formlib view will replace

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