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Charlie Clark wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having a little trouble with writing the tests for my formlib  
> folder contents view replacement. The basic tests (based on yuppie's  
> doctests) are fine but incomplete. I'm now integrating batching and am  
> getting caught on view permissions for DummyContent objects.
> This is the test:
>      def _make_batch(self):
>          from Products.CMFCore.tests.base.dummy import DummyContent
>          batch_size = 25
>          for i in range(batch_size + 2):
>              content_id = "Dummy%s" % i
>              content_obj = DummyContent(content_id)
>              content_obj.portal_type = "Dummy Content"
>              obj = self.folder._setObject(content_id, content_obj)
>              content_obj.manage_setLocalRoles('user_foo', ['Owner'])
>      def test_check_batching(self):
>          self._make_batch()
>          batch_size = 25
>          view = ContentsView(self.folder, TestRequest())
>          self.assertEquals(view._getBatchObj().sequence_length,  
> batch_size)
>          self.assertEquals(view.navigation_next['title'], "NEXT N  
> and this is error:
>    File "/Users/charlieclark/cmf-svn/CMF.buildout/trunk/src/Zope2/src/ 
> AccessControl/ZopeGuards.py", line 71, in guarded_getitem
>      if getSecurityManager().validate(object, object, None, v):
> Unauthorized: (item 0): You are not allowed to access 'Dummy0' in this  
> context
> Obviously I don't have the permission to access my newly created  
> objects. So how do I go about fixing this for my tests? I can't find a  
> comparable example in the rest of the CMF tests? Is it best to fix the  
> permissions of the objects so that are viewable be "anonymous" or  
> should I assign my view to my user? And while I'm at it, am I creating  
> my dummy objects in the right way? I remember Tres saying something  
> about this recently.

Do you need to set up a security manager with 'user_foo', grep for
'newSecurityManager' in other CMF tests.

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