Charlie Clark wrote:
> Hiya,
> I recently managed to get quite a lot of work done on my form(lib) based  
> replacement for a folder_contents view. Thanks go to Yuppie for doing all  
> the hard work initially - so that putting it into a form hasn't been that  
> difficult. Thanks also to Jens for help with subversion. I have a couple  
> of questions:
> 1) this is designed as a replacement for - I have gone with the  
> BDFL's naming convention. Do we have any CMF-specific ones?
> 2) when it comes to renaming items in a folder, another form will be  
> required. I'm planning to implement this as a separate view even though it  
> only makes sense if called with a list of objects to be renamed from  
> folder_contents, or should it be available from any IContentish objects

FWIW: I find it quite natural wanting to rename "this specific thing
that I'm just looking at" so my vote would be for any IContentish
object. In the UI sense at least ...


> Charlie

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