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> On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Wichert Akkerman <wich...@wiggy.net> wrote:
>> Previously Vincent Fretin wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I patched two things in GenericSetup branch 1.4 (merged on trunk as
>>> well), both items have a test.
>>> If possible, can you please release a new version so Plone 3.3 can ship 
>>> with it?
>>> Plone 3.3 is due normally in less than two weeks.
>> FWIW I am not convinced this is a showstopper, so I plan to release 3.3
>> based on the current 3.3rc3 and delay this until 3.3.1.
>> Wichert.
> Ok, I'm fine with it. We have waited Plone 3.3 long enough. :-)
> --
> Vincent Fretin


Is it really not possible to have GenericSetup 1.4.5 with Plone 3.3?

I currently give a course with Plone3.3rc3 and archgenxml. My customer
use AGX to generate new content types and export Plone configuration
to the profile/default directory.
He's not a developer, so there is now way he will write lines of code
to create a profile migration.
So he simply go to portal_quickinstaller, check its product and click reinstall.
But prefs_install_products_form always say the product is not up to
date because reimporting the profile doesn't update the latest profile
So I tell him, well your product is updated but don't pay attention to
this message, it will be fixed in next version.

So anybody have the time to do a new release?

Vincent Fretin
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