Tres Seaver wrote:
> I'm fine with releasing a 1.5.0b1 as soon as we establish the "correct"
> way to test the checkout:  at the moment, I have one set of failures
> with the Zope 2.10 branch, another set with the 2.11 branch, and a third
> set with the trunk.

The problem is that some fixes in GenericSetup 1.5 depend on 
five.localsitemanager 2.0 which in turn depends on Zope 2.12 (both 
without a final release).

CMF.buildout includes five.localsitemanager trunk and Zope trunk, so all 
GenericSetup tests pass with that buildout.

But that's no strict dependency. If you don't need the components 
handler improvements, GenericSetup trunk still works with older 
five.localsitemanager versions and Zope 2.10/2.11.

In that case I see two testing errors in test_components.

Not sure how to resolve this.



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