Andreas Jung wrote:
> I am currently migrating our CMS from CMF 1.X to CMF 2.1.
> The following error is raised because the original content classes
> are not derived from CMFCatalogAware.
> # Module Products.CMFCore.CMFCatalogAware, line 280, in dispatchToOpaqueItems
> # Module Products.HaufeCMS.DataLevel.Component.Component, line 829, in
> __getattr__
> # Module Products.HaufeCMS.DataLevel.MetaData, line 116, in __getattr__
> Is it now a requirement in CMF 2.x to derive from CMFCatalogAware or would it 
> be sufficient to implement the opaqueXXX() methods on our own?

Please note that this is a CMF 2.1 specific issue.

CMF trunk (2.2) has a separate IOpaqueItemManager interface, 
dispatchToOpaqueItems is no longer registered for IDynamicType:


CHANGES.txt says:
"In the long run ICatalogAware, IWorkflowAware and IOpaqueItemManager 
will become deprecated. Don't expect that CMF content always implements 



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