On Jul 9, 2009, at 11:15 AM, Charlie Clark wrote:
> As previously noted backwards compatability should be desirable but  
> not at
> too high a price. CMF 2.2 contains a lot of changes not least the
> eggification and buildout support that stem largely from the changes  
> in
> Zope trunk so it is reasonable to make 2.12 the new baseline.  
> However, it
> was also previously stated that Plone 4 might not be able to based on
> 2.12. Tres seems to indicate that this is no longer going to be the  
> case.
> So +1 for 1) from me.

Just to put in a word from the Plone world...we have our Plone 4  
branch running pretty well on Zope 2.12/CMF trunk (there are still a  
few issues to work through, but we haven't run into any CMF-related  
ones yet).  So +1 from us too.

How soon can we expect a CMF 2.2 release?  Are there blockers, aside  
from a final Zope 2.12 release?  Ideally we'd like to make an alpha  
release of Plone 4 around the beginning of October (right, Eric?)

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