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> 1.) Make Zope >= 2.12 required for CMF 2.2 and change all imports.
> 2.) Make Zope < 2.13 required for CMF 2.2.
> 3.) Add and to CMF dependencies.
> 4.) Re-add and to Zope 2 trunk
> dependencies.
> 5.) Add a lot of try except imports and modify zcml files to make
> imports from both locations working.

> Any preferences or better ideas?

As previously noted backwards compatability should be desirable but not at  
too high a price. CMF 2.2 contains a lot of changes not least the  
eggification and buildout support that stem largely from the changes in  
Zope trunk so it is reasonable to make 2.12 the new baseline. However, it  
was also previously stated that Plone 4 might not be able to based on  
2.12. Tres seems to indicate that this is no longer going to be the case.  
So +1 for 1) from me.

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