On 2009-8-17 17:48, Alec Mitchell wrote:
> Exactly.  The failures are essentially cosmetic, I can fix them either
> by removing the Quoted Printable configuration from MailHost or by
> changing the CMF tests to expect Quoted Printable instead of Base64.
> Quoted Printable is easily readable/debuggable and doesn't get
> penalized by spam filters, base64 is more compact.  It may make the
> most sense to remove the Quoted Printable config from MailHost and
> just punt this decision to some future release.

I would rather see those quopri changse go in for two reasons: it makes 
testing emails easier us humans can read quoted printable text while
base64 looks like line noice, and in my experience spamfilters tend to 
consider base64 encoded emails more likely to spam.


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