2009/9/19 Andreas Jung <li...@zopyx.com>:
> The related profiles with this version are:
> NormenDB/profiles/default/import_steps.xml: <import-step id="various"
> version="20090619-01"
> Toolbox/profiles/default/import_steps.xml: <import-step id="various"
> version="20090619-01"
> Although making the version attrs unique did not help (even with
> creating a complete
> new CMF site).
> Is there anything missing or what is the approach for hunting this down?

The id of an import step needs to be globally unique. Having two steps
with the id "various" is not supported. Steps don't belong to a
profile, which is clearer if you register them via ZCML. The whole
import_steps.xml file is deprecated.

The version argument dance has never been used by anyone as far as I
know and could just as well be removed.

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