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Hi Hanno,

> So you are working against Zope 2.13 (trunk) instead of Zope 2.12
> (branches/2.12). Zope 2.13 already has a couple of more changes due to
> the whole Zope Toolkit refactoring.

I can understand that.

> I guess for now running CMF trunk (2.2) against Zope 2.12 would be
> more reasonable. Once there's a 2.2 beta and branches for it, CMF
> trunk can start tracking Zope trunk again.

Yes, I'm fine with that - how do I fix it? I can then tie my buildout out  
CMF 2.2 beta or release. My buildout.cfg is exactly the same as the  
CMF-sandbox with just my modules being added.

In src/Zope2/versions.cfg I note it says:

# Zope Toolkit KGS overrides = 3.9.0
zope.container = 3.9.0
zope.publisher = 3.9.0 = 3.6.2       # XXX 3.6.3 breaks for us

But this is obviously being ignored. Do the >= declarations have  

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