Charlie Clark wrote:
> Am 17.11.2009, 14:41 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <y.2...@wcm-solutions.de>:
>> getIcon() is an alias of icon() and could become deprecated. I don't
>> know if it's worth the effort to mark the 'relative_to_portal' argument
>> of icon() as well as deprecated.
>> I already started implementing these changes.
> now that I have my first project working on buildout I can see the impact  
> of your changes! No icons in the ZMI or in folder_contents. But simply  
> turning the content_type.png into a string:${portal_url}/content_type.png  
> does the trick!

The content_icon property ('Icon' in the ZMI) is obsolete and should be 
empty right now. I still have to work on removing it completely.

The icon_expr property ('Icon (Expression)' in the ZMI) should have the 
string:${portal_url}/ prefix.

There is an upgrade step available that moves the icon setting to 
icon_expr and adds the prefix.



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