I've just got the following error on a macros page:

_macros' object has no attribute 'index'

Where the metal is

<html metal:use-macro="context/@@new_macros/page">

original template is

<metal:macro metal:define-macro="page"
> <html metal:use-macro="context/main_template/macros/master">
<metal:slot metal:fill-slot="style_slot"
> <metal:slot metal:define-slot="style_slot" /></metal:slot>
<metal:slot metal:fill-slot="body"
> <metal:slot metal:define-slot="body"/></metal:slot>

And the macros configured as a subclass from Five's standardmacros.Macros

Having just upgraded from Zope 2.11 and CMF 2.1+ there are a lot of places
to look

As the template itself is registered as a view then I can workaround the
problem with

<html metal:use-macro="context/base_template/page">

But would appreciate any pointers in the right direction.

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