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> -1
> The real issue here is the fact that the permission argument of the
> adapter directive is not supported in Zope 2. Otherwise we could simply
> use this:
>      <adapter
>           name="myproduct.content_type_factory"
>           factory=".myproduct.MyAddView"
>           permission="cmf.AddPortalContent"
>           />
> Using the class directive instead is just a workaround for a generic
> problem that needs a generic solution, not a new addView directive.

I have to agree with you on that. But the current solution remains clunky.  
Having initially been against it I think it would be easier on the eye to  
have the security declaration (I'm assuming this would work for subclasses  
where it can be overwritten if needs be) in ContentAddFormBase until the  
permissions directive is supported. It was only from working with the new  
add form that I realised how little needs to be done to work with this.

>> I'm also not sure if the add view URL couldn't be simpler because the
>> ++add++ContentTypeId is a must, why this can't be interpolated either on
>> type registration or in the add_action look-up. Is there any reason why
>> this couldn't or shouldn't be the case?

> We need a prefix to make sure there are no conflicts with existing names
> and we need something in the name that specifies the portal type. The ++
> around the prefix indicates that it is implemented as traverser.

I understand that.

> I currently use method aliases defined for the container to customize
> the names shown in the URL. But that's not perfect because you can't
> define the aliases together with the portal type and you have to define
> them for each container type used.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that - you have a situation  
where string:${folder_url}/++add++${object_id} needs changing?

> If you have a better idea, please let me know.

I think that we could work with a sensible default which might be  
overwritable in the aliases?

>> Having finally taken the plunge into buildout I've been able to upgrade
>> one of our projects onto Zope 2.12 and CMF 2.2 with no real problems  
>> just
>> the odd "surprise". Thank you all very much for your help with Zope +  
>> CMF!

> Thanks for testing and feedback!

You are very welcome.

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