On Dec 1, 2009, at 07:52 , Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

> Reminder: After this week (probably this coming Sunday) I plan on doing the 
> first CMF 2.2 beta, and creating the 2.2 release branch.

All done now:

 - release branches for the 2.2 release series are cut

 - the 2.2.0 beta release is tagged and published on PyPI

 - the convenience buildout branch[1] now uses the new CMF 2.2 branch

The trunk (-> CMF 2.3) is free for new features. 

Please test the beta and provide feedback through Launchpad[2] or here. I would 
suggest a final release, provided there are no serious issues, about a month 
from now.


[1] http://svn.zope.org/CMF.buildout/branches/zope212-cmf22/
[2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope-cmf/+bugs

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