Am 06.12.2009, 18:39 Uhr, schrieb Jens Vagelpohl <>:

> All done now:
> - release branches for the 2.2 release series are cut
> - the 2.2.0 beta release is tagged and published on PyPI
> - the convenience buildout branch[1] now uses the new CMF 2.2 branch
> The trunk (-> CMF 2.3) is free for new features.
> Please test the beta and provide feedback through Launchpad[2] or here.  
> I would suggest a final release, provided there are no serious issues,  
> about a month from now.

Hi Jens,

thanks for this. Is there an easy to way to setup a project buildout based  
on CMF? I've tried various combinations of the following:

extends =*checkout*/CMF.buildout/branches/zope212-cmf22/buildout.cfg
versions = versions
parts = parts
eggs = eggs

But there must be something in the URL that causes buildout to choke on an  
IOError. Other URLs work fine so maybe it's just the
extends = src/Zope2/versions.cfg

For convenience for installing on Windows I'm looking for a way of adding  
the PIL and PyWin32 download to the buildout manifest. I can't find a  
directive for the download utility. I've tried the Hexaglot recipe but it  
mangles the PyWin32 downloard URL to download as this is the last part of  
URL. Going on Hanno's instructions for Plone 3.1 it seems there isn't a  
convenience function for this yet.

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