Am 09.12.2009, 15:10 Uhr, schrieb Jens Vagelpohl <>:

> For the "extends = src/Zope2/versions.cfg" line to work you must have a  
> Zope 2 checkout in src/Zope2 *before* you attempt run the buildout.  
> CMF.buildout does this using svn:externals, so you may not have those in  
> your own buildout.

No, I was just trying a "CMF-based" project buildout and hoping to be able
to do without having Zope2 in src/

> I would never extend those convenience buildouts for my own projects,  
> there is no maintenance or correctness guarantee on them. They are just  
> a developer convenience, not a blueprint for a production buildout. I  
> would either just use it as inspiration for a buildout configuration  
> done from scratch, or copy it and then adjust as necessary.

Fair enough. I was just seeing how little I could get away with ;-) And
thinking ahead to a possible release. OTOH listing the eggs manually isn't
really a problem.

> By the way, don't use URLs that use the ViewVC "checkout" magic. That's  
> an unnecessary detour when you can use straight HTTP repository access.  
> The URL above would translate to this direct URL:

I'd initially tried that but got confused by the errors I was getting.

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